Elta MD

One of the most important though often overlooked aspects of skincare is sun protection. With sun damage working as one of the leading causes of premature aging and damage in skin, makeup and skincare brands have increasingly been creating products that incorporate sun protection into their formulations. There are some brands however that don’t just integrate sun protection into their products, they specialize in it. Elta MD is a brand rooted in dermatology that expertly crafts sun protecting and skincare products that truly care about the health of your skin. Elta MD has been creating sunscreens and skincare products for the cosmetic industry for the past 25 years. Over the rich history of the brand, Elta MD has become a trusted and highly regarded cosmetic brand by medical professionals. Elta MD skincare products have been used to treat, protect, restore, and maintain the integrity and health of skin in environments that span across burn centers to rehabilitation clinics.

Elta MD Sunscreen

At the core of the Elta MD brand is the Elta MD sunscreen products. Today Elta MD is home to five types of facial sunscreen products and six types of facial/body sunscreen products. Each Elta MD sunscreen product includes broad spectrum SPF which works to protect skin against the UVA sun rays which cause premature aging and the UVB sun rays which are responsible for sunburn. By using an Elta MD sunscreen you are taking a vital step in protecting your skin, decreasing your risk for cancer, and reducing the change of premature aging.

The most popular type of facial Elta MD sunscreen is the Elta MD UV Facial with broad spectrum SPF 30+. This daily Elta MD sunscreen was designed to work best for normal to dry skin types as it provides a hydrating dose of moisture to the skin along with its sun protection. The Elta MD UV Facial has a silku smooth texture that glides onto skin with ease without feeling greasy or heavy allowing it to work nicely under your makeup application. The formulation of this particular Elta MD sunscreen is infused with hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in moisture keeping skin hydrated, as well as antioxidant vitamin E which works to protect skin from environmental feel radicals and reduce the signs of age. Those with sensitive skin will be happy to note that the Elta MD UV Facis sunscreen uses natural mineral zinc oxide to provide its sun protection in addition to being fragrance and paraben free, and noncomedogenic so it will not pores.

It’s not a surprise the dermatologist recommended Elta MD sunscreens would be the recipients of unanimously positive reviews. The most common Elta MD reviews applaud the UV Facial for being so moisturizing and hydrating to the skin which is an attribute not typically found in sunscreens. Other common Elta MD reviews appreciate the lightweight texture of the Elta MD sunscreen with users noting that if feels virtually weightless on the skin.

As far as the body Elta MD sunscreens they each are poplar in their own right with each one providing a different convenience or use to users. If you had to choose just one, go with the Elta MD UV Sport with broad spectrum SPF 50. This Elta MD sunscreen provides the highest level of SPF of all the body sunscreens making it the perfect option for those who are anticipating spending their time outdoors. This Elta MD sunscreen is oil free and water resistant so you won’t run the rish of looking greasy or shiny and won’t have to worry about it washing off or being sweated out. The Elta MD UV Sport formulation contains 9% of mineral sun protectant zinc oxide as well as being fragrance-free and noncomedogenic which is great for those of all skin types including sensitive.

Life the facial Elta MD sunscreen, the Elta MD UV Sport is another top rated product of the brand. Users of this Elta MD sunscreen report that this sunscreen feels great on the skin and is quickly absorbed which is a definite bonus for those who need a quick and effortless application. Some of the most common Elta MD reviews of the UV Sport applaud the sunscreen for its water resistant abilities which is of extreme importance to athletes, runners, and everyday people who may be both outside and in the water.